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Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website Hindi Tracking News. Today we will tell you how you can easily download the latest version of PUBG Lite in your mobile. If you want to download PUBG Lite in your mind, then you must read this article from beginning to end.

It is very easy to download PUBG Lite and how you can play it, how you can do special chatting in it, you are going to get all the information inside today’s article. So you must read this article of ours from beginning to end so that you can understand very well that how can you download the latest version of PUBG Lite directly from the Play Store here?

How To Download Pubg Lite?

To download PUBG Lite, you have to click on the download button given below, only then you can download this game on your Android device. But if you want to download Pabji Lite from the Play Store, then you will not get to see this game because both Pabji and Pabji Lite have been banned by the Indian Government about 2 years ago.

Here we are going to tell you two ways how you can download pubg lite in your android device, then the second way is that you have to connect a single pen to the Singapore server and after that you You have to open play store, clear cache, clear data and then simple you can install pubg lite successfully from play store.

How To Use Pubg Lite ?

It is also very easy to use pubg lite, if you want to use this game, want to play here again, then I am going to give you all this information now, then you can read our article from beginning to end.

To install the Pubg Lite game, you must have downloaded it, now I will tell you how you can play it, then after installing it, you have to open it. You have to open the alien permission and create one of your new ID and after that you have to regenerate your character. By doing this much work, you can play this game successfully very easily.


I hope you have liked the information given by us, if you have liked it, then you must pass this information to your friends and relatives so that they too can take advantage of the information. You already know how to install and play PUBG Lite successfully.

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